Friday, June 3, 2016

The Hyperbolic Histamine Stack (Extreme Histamine-Boosting Stack)

This article aims to bring to life, the enrichment of histamine research provided by our beloved. Now if you just clicked that link, you would know that "it is a wise man who applicates his resources wisely, but it is a wiser man who shows the power of those resources in physical form".

In a very real sense, we are taking what we have previously written about histamine receptors and brain interactions, and taking the wealth of documents that we have dug up from universities and the like - and putting them to good use, to active use.

With this, we are allowing each of you to become your own supermorsel in this universe. Full of energy, vibrance, enthusiasm, and running on... histamine.

A prized neurotransmitter with powerful motive - the fulfillment of mind. The activation of human beauty. The crystallization of brewing, piercing light. Projecting so strong onto adamant minds, who then become succulent with penetrating thought. This is the power of histamine.

So without further ado, we continue our tradition of brain enhancement with this magnificent histamine stimulation stack - or histamine 'enhancement' stack. 

The successful completion of the quest for true enrichment of thought, sharpness, and motivation. For lust, for magnitude, for inner strength. Here we are.

1.) The core of any histamine stack would be four specific components that are described in Joan Matthews Larson's (Ph.D) ''Abnormal Brain Histamine'' write-up, of which is also consistent with M.D Carl Pfeiffer's recommendations for increasing brain histamine. Those supplements are simply, regular 'ol Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Niacin & Zinc

  1. Folic Acid should NOT be the 'methylfolate' form. Use 1200 mcg twice a day.
  2. Vitamin B12 should be 1000 mcg twice a day.
  3. Vitamin B3 or Niacin should be dosed at 250 MG X4 a day for the first three days only then down to 250 MG X2 thereon.
  4. Zinc should be taken at 30 MG per day, no more, no less. 

2.) Manganese.
Manganese, not magnesium, is a must-have for any histamine stack. Manganese helps to fortify the central nervous system and to eliminate excessive GABA which may be halting or 'controlling' histamine too much. In other words, Managanese is holding histamine back, and holding us, back.

Manganese also helps to remove excess Copper from our bodies [1], Copper breaks down histamine [2].

3.) L-Histidine.
This is the vital amino acid by which the body produces histamine [3] - can't go without it [4]. It's in our protein, it's in our food, particularly tuna. So as long as we are eating decent amounts of protein (at least 50 grams per day but much preferably 100 grams + per day.) then all we need is 500 MILIGRAMS or MG of L-Histidine 4X a day so that's about 2 grams of pure L-Histidine per day.

4.) Syrian Rue Extract.
Syrian Rue is a histamine-n-methyltransferase inhibitor [5], in layman's terms - it means it stops histamine from being broken down in the brain, and keeps histamine active longer in the brain[6]. I recommend Top Extract's Syrian Rue. This shit will keep you awake longer than you ever thunk possible.

5.) Kutaj/Kutaja
An Indian herb also known as Hollar-hena-anti-dysenterica or hollarhena antidysenterica. It contains what is called ''Conessine''. A powerful histamine H3-receptor antagonist, which effectively 'disinhibits' or allows the perpetuation of, histamine in the brain [7].

AND that is it, ladies and gentlemen. That is the histamine stack of the century, the next GOD in the realization of nootropics as our almighty teacher and conveyor of Truth.

Let power be with us, always!

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